COVID-19 is transforming the world and no socio-economic models from the past as a whole can give examples, lessons learned and solutions to move forward. Due to COVID-19’s extensive impact, post-pandemic Europe will undergo a post-disaster rehabilitation.



SMEs will need innovative and relevant training that will take into account the renovated risks and will empower them to face the new challenges as well as to reap the benefits stemming from new opportunities. SMEs will need new skills, competences and operational tools to better operate (or simply operate) in a new business environment.



ESMERALD provides tangible and timely training solutions to those needs as it will: developing an OER platform, taking stock of the actual impact of COVID-19 on the real economy, establishing the ESMERALD training and guidelines to promote its adoption and use and advancing evidence-based policy making for SME resilience



1. NEW CONTENT: as of today, there has been no response yet from the entrepreneurship and VET system on how to tackle the business and economic challenges of COVID-19 pandemic on SMEs. The attention has been so far on policy response mechanisms (soft loans, macro-economic policy solutions, etc.) and not yet on micro-level responses. ESMERALD position itself as one of the first endeavors to upgrade the VET system to the post-pandemic economic and business models...

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IO2 will allow the EU entrepreneurial ecosystem to rebound and revise their revenue streams and profitability projections establishing at systematic level new trends and dynamics deeply relevant to post-COVID economy and business management.

IO2 is instrumental to develop the “inner” bulk of the project represented by the actual managerial toolkit for competitive resilience and long-term sustainability for post-COVID scenarios.

The toolkit is meant to be available for primary and secondary targets in order to trigger its adoptions at operative dimension as well as policy/educational level.

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