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Work-life balance in tele-working settings (EQF: 3-5)

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Learning Outcomes

Objectives and goalsClick to read  

At the end of this module you will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of work-life balance
  • Learn how you can reach work-life balance working remotely
  • Know how to improve work-life balance among your remote team
  • Master key rules to improve your work-life balance as teleworker
Work-life balance in tele-working settings

Overview in EuropeClick to read  
DefinitionsClick to read  
Pros and Cons of tele-workingClick to read  
Impact of inadequate work-life balance working remotelyClick to read  
How improve work-life balance among your remote teamClick to read  
Tips for a better work-life balance in smart-workClick to read  

Key takeawaysClick to read  

  • Teleworking has many advantages, but it hides pitfalls that might jeopardize work-life balance
  • Poor work-life balance can have serious implications
  • Concrete actions at personal and collective level can improve the general work-life balance of remote teams

Test Yourself!


The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in a dramatic increase in telework in Europe. Although benefiting from greater flexibility and autonomy, teleworkers often had a greater workload, with a negative impact on work-life balance.
An inadequate work-life balance in tele-working settings can have a very negative impact on workers and their wellbeing. Workers and managers should follow certain rules/recommendations to ensure a better work-life balance for remote workers.


Work-life balance, telework, smart-work, health


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