IO3 responds to the needs identified in the proposal: strengthen, empower and valorise the SMEs resiliency culture providing them with operative and practical tools for post-COVID financial sustainability. Primary economic activities such as restaurants, small handicraft shops and gyms are called to drastically reinvent their business habits if they have the intention to thrive and prosper in uncertain times. As corroborated by the analysis of the state of the art, there is a pressing need to establish innovative and solid business frameworks to withstand any external and disruptive factors.

IO3 can be figuratively decomposed in 2 sections:


Already at proposal, thanks to a critical observation of the current economic and business landscape, partners preidentified a structure of IO3 composed of 3 lines of training intervention for SMEs resilience – to be further enriched, customised and finetuned after IO2 finalisation:

  1. Rethinking the business model canvas in order to exploit more agile value chains
  2. Reconsidering business culture and embrace the Blue Ocean Strategy
  3. Embracing the inevitable digital transformation


An integral part of IO3 is the validation in real operational settings of the training materials and resources, both online and off-line. In fact, partners will deploy in pilot version the training to at least 120 learners representing the target groups.

All the partners will deliver the ESMERALD training in diverse operational settings represented by multidisciplinary and complementary partnerships. In deploying the training, partners will be free to choose the most convenient time, schedule, format, duration of the teaching and learning activities. Each partner will collect the feedback and impressions of learners through a template feedback that will be developed as part of the Validation Plan (see below). Feedback from users/learners will be the basis for the final version of the training as well as providing inputs to IO4 for the guidelines to mainstream and promote the take-up of the ESMERALD training + the project’s Manifesto.