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Net-iquette in business contexts (EQF: 3-5)

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Learning Outcomes

Objectives and goalsClick to read  

At the end of this module you will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of netiquette
  • Learn how you should  run a business communication
  • Know more about different tools for online business communication
  • Be aware of the most common mistakes in online business communication
Basics of online communication for SMEs

What is NetiquetteClick to read  
Emails for business communication Click to read  


most widespread form of online communication in business;

structure: emails should have the following elements
   - subject
   - opening
   - content
   - closing

tone: adapted to the target audience (addressee)


Instant Messaging for Business Communication Click to read  

Instant Messaging:

Mostly used for real-time communication

But also for asynchronous interactions

Ideal for short conversations

For longer exchanges, better email or video/phone calls



Social Media and Business Communication Click to read  

Social media:

Excellent tool to communicate information to large numbers of people

It gives the possibility to create and share visuals

Widely used by companies for advertising and marketing campaigns of companies


Video calls for business communication Click to read  

Video calls:

Face to face tool of communication without moving to another location

Facilitate the completion of projects faster 

Helps to finalise deals within a short period of time


Key takeawaysClick to read  

  • SMEs can rely on different tools for online communication
  • It is crucial to master the rules/customs for an effective communication
  • For each tool of online communication there are things to do and others to avoid


Test Yourself!


Effective online communication is crucial in real-life business commitments and relationships. In the digital era, business actors should master all tools for online communication such as emails, instant messaging, social media and video calls.


Keywords (meta tag) Net-iquette, effective communication


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