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Value proposition in post-pandemic business models: innovative approaches to marketing (EQF: 3-5)

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Learning Outcomes

Objectives and goalsClick to read  

At the end of this module you will be able to:

Understand how businesses generate values
Determine the role of marketing in this value-generation process 
Outline the basics of the Marketing strategy

Value proposition: innovative approaches to marketing

Value: different approachesClick to read  
Variables determining valueClick to read  
Inputs’ processing: IPO model Click to read  

IPO model stands for Input, Process and Output

Socio- Economic context: PEST analysis Click to read  

What can influence our business idea?

PeopleClick to read  

People is the third variable determining value.

With people, we refer both to internal workforce and external stakeholders

Marketing: definitionsClick to read  
Pillars of marketing practicesClick to read  
Marketing MixClick to read  

The 8 Ps Model can help companies to prepare their marketing plan

The marketing mix in the business planClick to read  

Key takeawaysClick to read  

Value is determined by different variables
A good marketing plan should take into consideration the 8 Ps
Marketing elements have a crucial role in the business plan of a company

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This compact course on marketing aims to support SMEs to define market positioning strategies. Moreover, it provides the basics to define communication strategies, engage with external public, creating and retaining value for one’s own brand.


Value proposition, marketing


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